VPS - Activation - Authorization Code

Why do I need an Authorization Code?

Our virtual server product offerings are an unmanaged service where the customer is granted full system administration rights committing themselves to the responsibility of properly configuring and maintaining their server's operating system throughout its support lifecycle.  With this understanding, it is the customer's responsibility to adhere to the software vendor's best practices for maintaining the system and its software for relevant security patches, addressing vulnerabilities, and apply the appropriate security configurations to avoid unintentional or intentional compromise of the system's software and services.  Here at Third Generation, we strive for excellence in promoting a secure and reliable hosting platform for our community.  Due to the high saturation of fraudulent orders that target providers such as ourselves and highly desired product offerings that allow for elevated system rights, it is imperative we screen our orders to contribute to a healthy hosting platform.

How do I obtain a VPS Authorization Code?

Existing customers who exhibit an understanding of the above-mentioned requirements who maintain at least a basic level of system administration skill and knowledge that are looking for a larger hosting platform or more freedom than what our shared hosting platform offers are encouraged to continue with the subscription.  New customers wishing to explore this hosting platform option should contact our Support Department through the ticket system providing the requested information below so we may authorize the order.  Intention to use software or services that violate our Terms of Service such as seedboxes, spam generation, web scrapers, or other ToS violations will not be authorized.

New customers should provide the following information in a support ticket.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Detailed description of the intended project
  • Software and services intended to be installed
  • Level of system administration ability (i.e. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

These policies exist to protect our customers, community, and hosting platform overall.  We understand the inconvenience this survey imposes, but to continue to offer an affordable and reliable service, a review is necessary.

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